Georgia Grace Gibson

18 year old feminist artist // durham north east england

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I am going to be on holiday for 2 weeks with no laptop (cries) SO one of Cherry’s talented contributors will be taking over this tumblr! English artist georgiagracegibson will be reblogging things that tickle her fancy and we hope you enjoy this tumbr takeover! 

Anonymous asks: i'm glad you have spoken to her already. when you are presenting your work along side hers, and under the same collective name, it will automatically become attached to you and therefore i think some of the responsibility does lie on you and the other girls in the collective. she represents you whether you like it or not, as a result of you pairing up with her. if you are putting on an exhibition under the title "original artworks by..." i think it is important that every artist owns that title.

The collective which I am involved had already chose to not reblog any of Elle’s work which was artist research, myself and Kat Russell made that decision before any comments were said. Obviously my piece (though it did have credit on my old blog that it was posted on) wasn’t even on this blog anyway so it was never even thought to put on the collective. They were also not posted on the sites dropr account either. The only exhibition with Elle has been the one we were doing at the end of our college year (involving only people from our sixth form and not clandestine as a whole), and it has been noted that any photographs of the piece involving the artist response to Liv will not be linked to Clandestine at all, and we won’t be posting them. 
I wouldn’t want to collective’s name to be tarnished in any way by this because there’s many people involved not just one or two, who don’t deserve to be grouped in with any bad feeling. At the end of the day, we’re 17/18, doing shitty artist research college pieces, I think it’s very easy to forget how young some art bloggers are compared to the majority of bigger artists on tumblr who are 21-30 kinda ages. We’ll be moving onto to foundation/uni now where there is no more artist research pieces to complete so it will all be fully own ideas from here onwards. 

Anonymous asks: has elle responded to the liv thurley accusations? i can't find any information from her. i appreciate that you have been open about what you've done and your intentions. i hope that elle will step up and respond as well. it is disappointing to see a girl call herself a feminist but blatantly and unapologetically plagiarize another girl's work. as her peer, i hope you will encourage her to find her own voice as an artist instead of copying preexisting ideas and taking credit for liv's work.

I believe she’s spoken to her personally but I have no idea what has been said as we haven’t really spoken very much about it. 

I think realistically it was a lot easier for me to talk about it because I made one piece as an artist response and it was only in one zine that I submitted all my work to. Though they were both issues, that we’re both sorry for, Elle had a lot more complaints than I did. I don’t think it’s right to say she’s ‘unapologetic’, because I’m guessing that she definitely is. She’s just chosen to confront what she’s done personally and not on a public level- I don’t think that’s a wrong thing to do, it’s just her choice. I’m quite open online and thought it was important to be honest about what had happened with everyone. 
I’ve already said that I spoke to her about the similarities between pieces before any of this surfaced, hence why some pieces were already acknowledged and removed beforehand. But realistically you can’t expect me to do anything just because I’m her ‘peer’, she makes her own choices and I don’t want to be held responsible for any of those choices. 

Anonymous asks: I have had to do artist response, I understand what went on here. You are dealing with this so well, I admire you so much x o x o

Yeah. I think it’s harder for people to understand who didn’t go to colleges where artists responses are a big thing that you are forced to do.
I think realistically the only issue is that it was submitted to a zine and it shouldn’t have been. It’s not the art crime of the century, I just chose an artist and made a response, then made the mistake of getting really excited about finding this online community and submitting all my work, when really I should have left out the artist responses when submitting. I can understand why people are irritated though, really. Thank you. 

grimrn asks: Hi my friend is doing A2 Art atm and her project is about women and feminine form I think. I was just wondering if its okay if I link your work to her, maybe to use as one her artists?? Its fine if not, have a nice day xooxo

Oh yeah of course! I’m totally fine with that. Tell her if she needs any information she can email me at xx [accidentally posted publicly, sorry I was on my phone] 

Anonymous asks: What are your thoughts on what Patricia Alvarado and Liv Thurley have been posting on tumblr? x


I don’t really know what to say about this but I don’t suppose I can ignore it.

In my college during my first project on feminism I had to do these pieces where we looked at artist’s work and then created a ‘response’ which had to be similar to the artists work but with changes to them. A lot of people do shit like repainting starry night, that sort of stuff. I really wanted to do an actual artist that I admired so I used Patricia, I emailed her at the time and asked for an artist bio and stuff (and she was very lovely) then I emailed back with my piece that was inspired by her. I did my presentation about her work for class and I posted all my work on here (we have to do that for a level art, like a digital journal type thing), where I posted her work as well, and cited her (and posted her work also). The work didn’t really get that much attention and neither did that blog, and I didn’t put it on my current portfolio because it was just crap a level work. I did use them in my end of unit exhibition with college but that was a requirement. ‘Publications’ was mentioned in that post as well and I think I might have sent them in to some zines when I created them, and though I will have linked them to the post which cited Patricia, I do still believe that it was totally wrong of me to do that. When creating this piece, I didn’t think there would be an issue- I hadn’t made much art beforehand and I guess I didn’t really understand how annoying it must be to have people recreating popular pieces of yours, and now I realise it must be very irritating. [edit: It was girls get busy zine]

Some time after I got an email saying I’d copied Liv’s and Patricia work, and while I knew what Patricia was talking about I had no clue about Liv. Turns out they’d actually mistaken Elle’s work for mine when her work had been placed near mine for an exhibition with other college students (Elle goes to my college). I replied and said the work wasn’t mine, and also explained that I’d emailed and cited Patricia constantly, and also said if she wanted to I’d delete them because as I’ve said, they were just shitty college pieces on a blog I’ve stopped using anyway. They didn’t reply after that, so I just assumed that they were fine with what I said and I left it, though I did expect they’d email Elle or something. 

Then obviously today, when Elle’s piece has got a lot of attention, people have started getting angry because her piece is very similar to Betty Bakers ‘Female Anatomy’ piece, and then went on her blog to find pieces similar to Liv and Patricia’s work. They have then gone onto people’s blogs to express how annoyed they are at that (I got a few messages as well but didn’t feel it was my place to answer them). Admittedly I obviously did speak to Elle when I got the email about her work, telling her that people aren’t happy that she’d done a similar piece without citing, but at that time she hadn’t got into the Royal Academy shortlist with that piece. She did obviously remove her post which was similar to Patricia’s after we spoke about how similar they are. I can’t really speak for anything to do with her or her work, as only she knows where her inspiration came from and the issues with her should not have been related to me as well. I can obviously understand why it would hugely irritate Liv that someone has got into something so prestigious with a similar piece, as I think anyone would be annoyed about that. I feel like my mistake of submitting one (mostly credited-though not in that zine) to a small zine shouldn’t be put in the same pile as the issue of 3 uncredited pieces and an award for a piece, but again it’s not my place to say.  

However I think I have been mildly thrown under the bus in the posts, considering though the main issue was Elle’s work, it seems to have been me that was the centre of the post, claiming that I didn’t cite anyone (I did, posting pictures of Patricia’s work just before mine), that I’ve deleted them off everywhere now (I haven’t, they’re still on my blog I used for a level stuff, just not my portfolio, but surely it’s a good thing that they aren’t on there), and that I lied about talking to Patricia about the work (I do still have the emails but it seems so stupid posting a load of print screens) and whatever else. I really was not in any way trying to ‘take credit for brown people’s work’ in the slightest, I just wanted to do a presentation and response to a tumblr based artist that I thought deserved the attention. It was a requirement of my course. I think a good 80% of a level work is mixed/copied ideas from older artists because it’s when young artists are just finding themselves (and in my college it is actually a requirement to do artist studies and recreations). It’s sad to think that if I’d used a well known artist I’d experience no shit, but because I’ve tried to use a more emerging one it’s reflected badly- but I suppose that should have been expected. 

I think overall the blame is on me, because though it was a requirement to my course, those pictures should have stayed on a passworded blog and never have been submitted to any zines. As I’ve said, I can’t speak for Elle, but this is all I can say for myself. I’m happy to have moved on from doing any work that needs to be ‘artist’ responses, and obviously wouldn’t make anything close to that again anyway. It’s strange to know that my entire online art career is going to be very tainted because of one artist response I made in sixth form, but that is how the internet works. I just feel bad to have caused anyone any upset, either way. My intentions weren’t bad but I think with stuff like this, no matter what you meant, you have to own up and apologise. 


Some lovely colors pulled from Georgia’s lovely ceramic work (Wish You Were Queer)

this is so lovely, thank you for creating this!


Some lovely colors pulled from Georgia’s lovely ceramic work (Wish You Were Queer)

this is so lovely, thank you for creating this!

I had an interview with Hello Flo yesterday, a company who you might remember from these amazing adverts. They were wonderful and the interview is here .

I had an interview with Hello Flo yesterday, a company who you might remember from these amazing adverts. They were wonderful and the interview is here .

Anonymous asks: hello; would it be possible for me a schedule an interview with you via email? i'm writing a piece for my university work on important young feminist artists and would love to be able to speak to you. do you have somewhere I can contact you?

yes of course! my email is x

I had a cool interview with Hannah from The Pulp Zine this week about my work within new north england based art group Clandestine Collective. Read it here!

I had a cool interview with Hannah from The Pulp Zine this week about my work within new north england based art group Clandestine Collective. Read it here!